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Dangers Facing Our Children Today (Free downloads)

Here's a flyer to be shared with parents of children from pre-school on up. It discusses Biblical ways to protect a child from the schools which are teaching perverted theories including evolution, CRT, gender dysfunction, and climate change. It also tells parents some of the steps they can take such as signing waivers to keep their kids away from counselors and out of the classroom when sex education is taught (all the way down into preschool).

The flyer marked PDF3 can be printed front and back on letter-sized paper. It is almost the same as the 4-fold flyer, marked PDF4, which just has more information on combating gender confusion and must be printed on legal-sized paper. If you have difficulty downloading the 2-sided PDF4, I have included two files that contain one page each.

Things to Teach Your Children PDF 3
Download PDF • 247KB

Things to Teach Your Children PDF4
Download PDF • 267KB

Things to Teach Your Children PDF4 p.1 of 2
Download PDF • 157KB

Things to Teach Your Children PDF 4 p2 of 2
Download PDF • 134KB


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