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2 Great Answers Your Kids Should Know

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Picture of Obed from the book of Ruth.

How does a child keep his integrity, who is in public school, who believes in the Bible, and is given evolution quiz questions?  Here is a fantastic way to answer a quiz question when you have a teacher who believes in evolution (This will help them all the way up through college.):

ANS:  "The book says the earth is ... billion years old."  OR, You say that the earth is .... years old. This way the answer cannot be marked wrong, and at the same time, the child is answering truthfully. They get their "science credit."  (My daughter always added, "but I don't believe it." Teacher could not mark her answer as incorrect!)

How about climate change? This money-maker is being pushed by people who are seeking control over nations, businesses, and people's minds, using scientific "facts" that have been skewed to adapt to their theory. To see a list of scientists who do not go along with this, go to  This site,, gathers climate facts. The list of 1000 has grown steadily. What you will see is a series of letters sent to congress and others, disputing climate change and signed by scientists. When you finish one letter, another is attached. It is somewhat overwhelming. The site is set up so that you see the false climate statements first, then the actual facts that support just the opposite.

If you teach the Bible, have your child read Genesis 9:15 (God promises not to destroy the earth again with water), Job 38:8-11(God put boundaries on the sea), and 2 Pet. 3:5-13. When God is finished with the earth, He will destroy it with heat, not water, and the seas will stay where they are in the meantime.

Years ago, I taught in the public schools in the Seattle area and in Hawaii, and am amazed at what the teachers are saying and doing now. I never made comments about religion or politics in the classroom. Few teachers did. Now it seems that they are more concerned with indoctrinating our children than in teaching them school subjects. We can see the results of this "education" with children unable to handle the last election, or any strife in their lives.

Here's a Bible verse I used to keep my children from believing everything their teachers told them.

Ps. 119:98-99  "Thy commandments make me wiser than my enemies, for they are ever mine. I have more insight than all my teachers, for Thy testimonies are my meditation."

I used this verse to protect my children against false teachings from their secular schoolteachers. I explained to them that their teachers knew more about history or math or spelling, but that they as children often knew more about God and the Bible than their teachers. I did this with each child as they started kindergarten and repeated it each year for a while. (I homeschooled my grandchildren, not my children.) They would come home to laughingly relate something a teacher said that was not right, and were not upset or shaken by the teacher's statement. can I help overworked parents (like many of you?) to raise their children to be the leaders of tomorrow, confident and able to face the world? In other words, what exactly does it take to be a successful parent? Especially a successful home-schooling parent? I have a program called Raising Giants at http// which covers both the WHAT of teaching and the HOW of teaching. I include teaching with games in that. You can also download my First Aid for Bible Classes, which contain a lot of ideas, on the Show and Tell site.



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