• DVD -
    • All DVDs are full color, audio-visual books.
    • Based on the ASV, script is careful to stay true to the text.
    • A literal Biblical viewpoint.
    • Each DVD has a 100% money back guarantee if returned within 30 days.
    • Changing artistic styles and narrators from story to story keeps the DVD engaging throughout.
    • Art styles range from cartoonish to realistic.
    • Each DVD contains around 49 stories.
    • Narrated and subtitled in both English and Spanish.
    • Contains maps, charts and timelines inserted when appropriate.
  • Activity Book - 
    • Involve your students with I KNOW MY BIBLE ACTIVITY BOOK.
    • The 60 page activity book has one page for each story from the Show & Tell Bible. 5 x 8"
    • It can be used with any Bible.
    • It contains a fun activity for each story, plus three questions to help children remember. These questions are fairly simple, designed for young children.
    • A thought question is aimed at older children, to help them apply the lesson. With some children, you may want to go further than a discussion and have them prove their answer, using Bible research.
    • Answers can be found in the Bible, the DVD, or in the back of the activity book. Scripture references are given when needed.

Books of Moses, DVD & Activity Book - Vol. 1

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  • Vol. 1, The Books of Moses DVD & Activity Book

    The DVD includes, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy and is 2 hours long.

    Also comes with the 60 page Activity Book

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