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Samuel, Saul & David (1 & 2 Samuel) - Digital Coloring Book

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    Vol. 2 Samuel Coloring Book - 50 pages

    Books Covered: 1 & 2 Samuel



    • Hannah, Samuel, Eli
    • Philistines take the ark of God, results
    • Samuel offering a sacrifice
    • Saul looking for donkeys
    • Saul's son Jonathan
    • Cow, lamb, sheep (kept by Saul), King Agag & Saul
    • Samuel anointing David
    • David tending sheep
    • Goliath challenges Israel
    • David picks up stones at brook
    • Saul throws his spear at David
    • Jonathan shoots arrow
    • David lies to priest at Nob
    • Saul in cave
    • Nabal shearing sheep
    • Abigail's donkeys with food baskets
    • Saul's spear& water jug taken by David
    • Saul with witch
    • Saul dies, David is next king
    • Prayer of Jabez
    • David's mighty men
    • Uzzah tries to keep ark from falling
    • David not allowed to build temple
    • Nathan's story of poor man's lamb
    • David and Bathsheba had another son, Solomon
    • Absalom causes trouble for David
    • ...and more

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