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DVD #2-The Strength of Great Faith; 3 Hours Long, 2 Disks, Standard Definition

  • All DVDs are full color, audio-visual books.
  • Based on the ASV, script is careful to stay true to the text.
  • A literal Biblical viewpoint.
  • 100% money back guarantee if returned within 30 days.
  • Changing artistic styles and narrators from story to story keeps the DVD engaging throughout.
  • Art styles range from cartoonish to realistic.
  • Each DVD contains around 49 stories.
  • Narrated and subtitled in both English and Spanish.
  • Contains maps, charts and timelines inserted when appropriate.


When God recorded history, He included warts and all, good and bad. Historians would have overlooked Saul’s madness, and David’s sins, but God includes these things for our learning. That’s why we don’t leave many things out in our DVDs, choosing instead to put in both the good and the bad things that people did.


  • There are a few events we had to leave out, for the sake of the children, but most things are included. It shows God’s kindness to anyone who repents, including King David and Manasseh. Foolishness and wisdom, bravery and cowardice—God’s history book records it all.


  • We've tried to cover a huge amount of Bible material in a short time. Some of our events get shown in 5-10 minutes, which means you can show the story to your children, twice, and still have plenty of discussion time.


  • No more searching for that perfect illustration. They are all here for you. Just use the pause button on your DVD to hold the picture, map or chart in place while you teach.


Through God, people can do amazing things!

  1. Did you and your friend ever fight an army, by yourselves, and win? (Jonathan)
  2. Did you ever conquer a city by shouting? (Joshua)
  3. Did you ever kill a lion with your bare hands? (Samson)
  4. Have you ever conquered five armies by making the sun stand still? (Joshua)
  5. Did you ever send most of your army home before battle, because you had too many men? (Gideon)
  6. Did you ever kill a giant with a rock? (David)


Joshua, David, Samson, Gideon, Nehemiah, Esther! Men and women of such great faith that they overcame impossible odds with God’s help. Buy this DVD to help build that faith in your children.

Books of History DVD Vol. 2

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